Spro’s Little John MD in craw colors

What is it?

Spro’s Little John MD in new craw colors.

What does it do?

It looks like a crawfish (crayfish to those north of the Mason-Dixon) and acts like a crankbait.

Why do I need it?

When crawfish cranks come to mind, many anglers think of river smallies. However, largemouth in Florida will slam a craw crank in the right conditions. The Little John MD – craw or not – will dive 7 to 9 feet.

How do I use it?

Like any old crankbait, but ideally where there are lots of crustaceans on the menu.

What sets it apart?

The finishes make these cranks some of the most realistic craw-looking baits you’ll come across. Plus, the hooks are sticky-sharp Gamakatsus. The colors are: Blue Grass Craw (pictured), Rusty Gold and Fire Craw.

How much?


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