Solio's Bolt electronics charger amps it up

What is it?

Solio’s Bolt electronics charger.

What does it do?

Charges your small electronics (phone, mp3 player) using the sun’s rays.

Why do I need it?

Certainly you’ve run out of juice while on the water and other places an outlet isn’t available, but sunshine is most always readily available.

How do I use it?

Simple. Unfold the Bolt, place a pencil through the hole in the middle and point the Bolt toward the sun. After a time, your gadget will have enough juice to run.

What sets it apart?

When have you ever seen anything like this? Plus, it’s made of a rugged Lexan, so you’ll have to try and break it. It’s got two USB ports; one for charging your gizmo and the other to charge the Bolt itself, free of solar power.

How much?


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