Slix has your rods covered

What is it?

Slix rod covers.

What does it do?

Keeps your rods in good shape by preventing dings and “bruises” to the blank. Plus, they keep tangles to a minimum.

Why do I need it?

To add longevity to your rods, especially if you take them in and out of a rod locker frequently, or toss them in the back of your truck at all.

How do I use it?

Simply slide the critter over your rod and loop the elastic band around the reel handle for a tight, slip-free fit. When selecting Slix for your rods, you want the Slix to be roughly one foot shorter than the rod itself. For a GQ look, you'll also want to coordinate your Slix with your boat's color (optional).

What sets it apart?

Several things: The pull tab at the top doubles as a hanger and there is a lip at the end that won’t come unraveled like other Chinese finger trap-style rod sleeves will. Plus, the elastic loop on the open end allows you to hang your properly protected rods upright in the garage.

How much?

Regardless of length or color, Slix will cost you $9.99 each.

For more information:; 218-623-1029

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