Stradic FJ reels go finesse

What is it?

Shimano’s new Stradic FJ spinning reels.

What does it do?

These new and improved spinning reels are reported to bring finesse fishing to a new level of control and performance.

Why do I need it?

You need one because these reels buck the “fairy wand” stigma stuck to spinning gear.

How do I use it?

Like you would any other reel, but in theory it should be more enjoyable and effective.

What sets it apart?

Shimano has engineered a new double-bearing pinion support system called X-Ship. It reportedly offers a much smoother retrieve and smoother, more effective fighting power thanks to the reinforcement on the pinion. Plus, this system eliminates pinion gear twist and rotor flex, both of which can be problems under pressure. Also included in each Stradic are Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management System to eliminate almost all line twist and increase casting distance, Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement for long life, five shielded bearings, and a one-way roller bearing to eliminate any handle back play.

How much?

There are seven sizes available, the three smallest of which are ideal for bass fishing (1000, 2500, 3000). They’re $179.99 each. In case you’re interested, the giant 8000 series retails for $379.99.

For more information:; 877-577-0600

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