Salamander Sinkers’ tie-on drop shot weights

What is it?

Salamander Sinkers’ Tie-On Drop Shot Weights.

What does it do?

Weighs your drop shot weight down just enough. These are said to snag much less than lead sinkers (they’re also lead-free) and slide across and through anything that might be on the bottom.

Why do I need it?

To keep from losing sinkers all the time – in theory, of course.

How do I use it?

You tie it on your line below your bait like any other drop shot sinker. Weights range from 1/8 to 3/8 ounce. Once you cast it and it hits the water, these weights don’t “sink like a rock” as the plastic body counteracts the steel inside. This is also said to transmit the slightest bites better than lead.

What sets it apart?

The weight itself is inside of the plastic shell, and it’s steel, so you can use it in lead-free states and lakes. They’ve also got a barrel swivel atop to prevent line twist.

How much?

$2.49 per 2-pack.

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