River Slung Custom Lures

What is it?

River Slung Custom Lures’ assortment of soft plastics, hand-poured in Del Rio, Texas, by big bass and conservation guru Carl Wengenroth. Wengenroth operates Angler’s Lodge on Lake Amistad, and when he not keeping shop he can be found in his “Madd Scientist Pouring Cave,” where his creations take life. He has also spearheaded several bass-saving initiatives on Lake Amistad that have spread across the country. He's also been featured on Bassmaster.com before. See here and here.

What does it do?

They’re proven designs that catch fish, and bigguns to boot.

How do I use it?

Much the same way you would similar shapes.

What sets it apart?

When River Slung says custom, they mean custom. Wengenroth will pour you any of his shapes in any color upon request. Shown are a sampling of his wares, from 7- to 9-inch stickworms, a 14-inch ribbontail, various craws (the Big Weng Craw in Hot Salsa color is murder on Amistad), Carl’s Creature, a giant fluke and others, including multi-color/layer laminate swimbaits. All are durable as well, thanks to a special mix of plastic Wengenroth concocts.

How much?

$3.50 - $14 (swimbaits are the high-end items)

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