Rippin’ Rap causes a commotion

What is it?

Rapala’s new Rippin’ Rap lipless crankbait.

What does it do?

It creates a commotion and (hopefully) entices a reaction strike or two.

Why do I need it?

It’s different than any other lipless crankbait because of its deep belly and thin sides, which makes it flutter as it falls.

How do I use it?

Like most lipless crankbaits, these are useful for pulling over and through grass, hopping off of shell bars, and crashing through rocks. Lipless crankbaits are some of the most versatile baits there are, and can make bass fishing easy.

What sets it apart?

The Rippin’ Rap has a rounded body, textured scales and gills and deep-set 3D holographic eyes. It’s also got a textured fin. The sound comes from a gang of BBs inside the body, so it rattles rather than clacks. Plus, 12 colors and 3 sizes are available and each Rippin’ Rap is armed with sticky-sharp VMC hooks.

How much?

Rapala has set the retail price at $6.99.

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