Punisher's Hail Mary football head

What is it?

Punisher Lures Hail Mary football head. Note it’s a football head, not jighead.

What does it do?

It’s a football head with a split ring on the end, which leaves the door wide open for customization. You can put a worm on it and fish it like a Texas rig, put a skirt and craw or creature bait and jig it or any other thing you need. It’s quite versatile.

Why do I need it?

To give fish a different look than a standard football jig or Texas rig. This has a different action than either of those.

How do I use it?

Though it looks different than a football jig and Texas rig, you’re going to use it similarly. Drag it across rocks patches or down points or crawl it around brush.

What sets it apart?

The split ring mainly sets it apart. You can put any kind of hook on there you want, making this a very versatile rig. Five color heads are available in four weights.

How much?


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