Panther Vision Powercap EXP200


What is it?

Panther Vision’s newest headwear, the Powercap EXP 200.

What does it do?

Gives you hands-free lighting wherever you need it.

Why do I need it?

To see in the dark! The boat ramp is a dark place before launch, and if you’ve held a flashlight in your mouth for more than 10 seconds, you know that’s not an option.

How do I use it?

Stick it on your head and venture into the woods with all the light you’ll ever need thanks to the big light, or tie knots and organize tackle before launch with the under-brim LEDs.

What sets it apart?

This is no rinky-dink strap-on headlamp. This hat features a legitimate 171-watt LED on the brim that shines out more than 200 meters (think two football fields), as well as two under-the-brim LEDs for close-in work, like tying on baits in the morning before launch. Though it looks cumbersome, the Powercap EXP 200 is perfectly balanced and doesn’t feel the least bit bulky on the wearer’s head. The big light can be run with the small ones simultaneously, or they can be on separate This will be the last headlamp lighting system you’ll ever need. Power comes from a AA-battery light pack rides on the back of the cap. If you accidentally leave it on, it’ll shut itself off after 15 minutes.

How much?


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