Triton Classic Edition

What is it?

Triton’s Classic Edition, made exclusively for the Bassmaster Classic, but you can fish it any time, any place. You can have this edition in the 19XS, 20XS, 21XS or 21HP.

What does it do?

Takes you fishing in style and sets you apart from the run-of-the-mill pack of boats.

How do I use it?

Uncover it, back it in, fire it up and be the envy of your bass club.

What sets it apart?

Well, there are only 100 of these bad boys being produced, and there are few other boats that have been made in such a limited run. Other upgrades include: red LED lights in compartments, 17-inch American Racing wheels, Classic Edition cover, Carbon Mist Poly Flake paint available in four different color schemes, Oxygenator, a new dash, custom steering wheel, carpet decal, F2 jack and winch, shocks on the trailer, and a Classic apparel pack which includes two life jackets, two jackets and four hats, among other things.

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