Tripod Ultralight

What is it?

Yum’s Yumbrella Tripod Ultralight

What does it do?

It does the umbrella rig thing, but on a much smaller scale. Plus it’s usable in many more states where multiple-bait rigs are outlawed when they have more than three hooks.

Why do I need it?

To be in the loop of modern bass fishing. Plus, it’s fun catching multiple bass on a single cast!

How do I use it?

When the umbrella rig craze hit last fall, everyone thought you had to be throwing 6-inch swimbaits because that’s what Paul Elias used in his breakthrough win. Well, that was the exception, not the rule. As more and more anglers use umbrella rigs, they’re finding that smaller baits get more bites. The Ultralight Tripod is going to catch more fish more often than a larger rig with larger baits.

What sets it apart?

Its size, first and foremost. This thing is about 5 inches long fully opened up, and it weighs next to nothing. Secondly, the price is extremely fair. Remember when folks were paying $200-plus for an umbrella rig earlier in the year? Craziness. Lastly, the quality of this critter is good, as well. The arms are double-wrapped so the baits won’t pull free when you’re fighting a big fish or multiple fish, and the head is available in six different colors. Grubs or swimbaits are right at home on the back of this little guy, and, depending on which kit you pick, they’re included, making this honey even more of a bargain. Baits plus a rig and jigheads for 8 bucks? Get five!

How much?


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