Lowrance Genesis

What is it?

Lowrance’s newest mapping tool, Insight Genesis.

What does it do?

Genesis takes StructureScan and regular sounder readings and combines them into a custom contour map of your favorite lake. You can add your own elements to your custom map, such as a brushpile, unmarked hazard or any sort of structure you’d like.

Why do I need it?

To be absolutely sure of what’s down there and exactly where it is.

How do I use it?

To create a custom map, activate the standard logging feature of any Lowrance HDS unit to record everything that’s going on below you. All of this info is collected on an SD card and once it’s recorded, you can upload it to a cloud-based service where it is converted into a map. This map can then either be viewed on your HDS unit or downloaded.

What sets it apart?

To date, it’s the only thing like it! It’ll be available this November and will be compatible with all Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch displays — another nifty critter worth checking out.

How much?

A one-time map purchase, standard subscription and premium subscription are priced at $19.95/download, $99.95/year and $299.95, respectively.

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