Jack-It Products crankbaits

What is it?

Jack-It Products crankbaits.

What does it do?

Jack-It’s cranks cover the entire water column, from a square bill to the Deep Runner 800 (pictured) which dives up to 24 feet.

Why do I need it?

To catch bass that are keyed into baitfish (or crawfish, depending on the model and color you select).

How do I use it?

The lipless crank is ideal for shallow grassbeds, the square bill is best for knocking around shallow cover and the deep divers will scrape smallies off of deep rockpiles or other deep structure.

What sets it apart?

These are the brainchild of Michigan angler Brian Metry, who is a terror on large, natural Northern lakes such as Erie and St. Clair. He used a combination of his crankbaits to lead in the most recent Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open on the Detroit River and ultimately finished 2nd due to engine issues. Metry says his baits come with premium components with a less-than-premium price tag: Most are under $10. They run true, have sticky-sharp hooks and have the paint job of a $20 crankbait.

How much?

$7.99 to $11.99

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