New Product Press: Fitzgerald Rods

What is it?

Fitzgerald Rods fishing rods

What does it do?

Like any rod, they cast stuff. Unlike any ol’ rod, though, they do it with loads of strength, sensitivity and extreme functionality.

Why do I need it?

Trevor Fitzgerald is a full-time policeman (he’ll celebrate seven years with the force in August) from Ocala, Fla., who has been a bass nut and rod perfectionist for decades. In 2010, he won a Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Southern Open on Georgia’s Lake Seminole, so he knows his way around a bass lake. He’s also got a pretty firm grasp on what makes a good rod.

How do I use it?

Pick you out a spinning or casting model, strap a reel on it and get to work!

What sets it apart?

Trevor designs the actions, picks the components, then his wife, Sonia, makes the sticks. The husband-and-wife team selects high-grade components like Fuji guides and reel seats, American Tackle heavy duty micro guides, Nanolite HD rings and no-slip EVA handles, then Sonia begins the labor-intensive task of making each stick. Lest you think this mom-and-pop operation isn’t the real deal, you haven’t held one of their rods. Plus, each and every stick is backed by a lifetime warranty.

How much?

$199 - $209

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