Gear: Moultrie Feedcaster Pro

What is it?

Moultrie Feedcaster Pro fish feeder. It’s is capable of holding 100 pounds of fish feed. Also, think of it as a dinner bell for fish.

What does it do?

The 30-gallon fish feeder is the new improved monster cafeteria for a school of hungry fish.

How do I use it?

Simply put the fish feed in the feeder, set the timer, and ring the dinner bell.\

What sets it apart?

Big baits catch big fish and big feeders feed big fish. The Moultrie Feedcaster™ Pro has been tested in the harshest conditions to perform no matter what. The tapered high-quality UV-resistant plastic removes the fear of rust and corrosion. It comes with a directional shroud engineered to send the fish feed at maximum casting distance. Directional fish feeders prevent waste by ensuring all of the feed makes it into the lake. Plus, powder coated legs and feeder feet give the feeder a durable but sleek and attractive look.

How much?


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