Missile Baits launches new colors

What is it?

Missile Bait’s new colors.

What does it do?

These five new colors add a broader range of appeal to your tacklebox, as well as to the bass. A couple of the new colors work just about anywhere (green pumpkin, watermelon red) while a few like golden amber and oxblood red flake work where crawfish are prevalent. All are natural-looking colors, which are mostly preferred among Elite Series pros.

Why do I need it?

Who doesn’t fish soft plastics from time to time?

How do I use it?

The baits that have the new colors are the Tomahawk (8 3/4-inch worm), the D-Bomb, and the Missile Craw. The Tomahawk is your curl-tail worm, but it has two tails, while the D-Bomb and Missile Craw can be pitched and flipped.

What sets it apart?

The Missile Craw is available in golden amber and oxblood red flake, the Tomahawk is available in green pumpkin watermelon (laminate), melon cinnamon purple and the D-Bomb is now available in watermelon red. Sounds tasty, right?

How much?


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