Missile Baits’ D Bomb

What is it?

Missile Baits’ D Bomb, a fat flipping bait or craw trailer – you pick.

What does it do?

It plunges into the thickest cover or hangs on to your big jig for added appeal.

Why do I need it?

Elite Series pro John Crews designed the Missile Baits lineup. He wanted a pitching and flipping bait that displaced a lot of water, fell straight down, stayed on his hook in heavy cover and allowed for a high hookup percentage.

How do I use it?

Ideally you’d slide it on a stout hook below a heavy weight and flop it into thick grass. Or, you can stick this critter on the back of a big flipping jig or a football jig to add considerable bulk and a bit of craw appeal.

What sets it apart?

The fine ribs on the body move a lot of water as the bait is presented, but also allow the bait to scrunch up and get out of the way of the hook so you land more bass than bite the D Bomb. The body also thins out where the hook rests against the bait, further ensuring you stick a bass that has bitten. Eight colors are available.

How much?

This may be the best part: they’re $4.39 for a 6-pack.

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