MegaStrike sponsors BassGold

Clinton, N.J. — BassGold announced that MegaStrike has become's newest sponsor. BassGold, a B.A.S.S. partner, is a revolutionary bass patterning web app that provides pattern and weight recommendations using thousands of actual bass tournament patterns.

"I've known [MegaStrike CEO] Bobby Uhrig for a long time," said BassGold CEO Jay Kumar. "He's a good fisherman, a long-time B.A.S.S. member and a student of all things bass, so I have to say I'm not surprised he sees BassGold's value and potential for fishermen. I'm stoked to have MegaStrike aboard."

"One of the most important things we want to do as anglers is eliminate unproductive water and techniques so we can be more productive on the water as quickly as we can," Uhrig said. "BassGold does that by harnessing literally decades of pattern information. So, with just a few clicks, we fishermen can save hours or days of time on the water. That is truly amazing.

"I'm excited for MegaStrike to be a part of what I'm sure one day will be one of the most important tools in bass fishing.", a web-based application useable on any web-enabled device, takes 50-plus years of tournament winning pattern information and turns it into searchable data. Anglers can search 4,500 (and counting) winning and high-placing tournament patterns — including nearly all B.A.S.S. events from the 1960s up until now — by water body or water type, and see pattern information displayed in completely new, insightful ways.

"BassGold is a terrific tool and resource for bass anglers, and we're excited MegaStrike recognizes that," said Jim Sexton, B.A.S.S.'s chief digital officer.

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About MegaStrike

Owner Bobby Uhrig founded MegaStrike in 2001 with MegaStrike Fish Attractant, which he'd been developing for seven years. MegaStrike's products now include lures which he designed after extensively studying bass underwater and applying what he learned to fishing lures. For more information go to

About BassGold

BassGold, the ultimate bass patterning app, is a property of Sasquatch Media, which specializes in enthusiast-focused digital strategy and implementation. It also produces the daily BassBlaster e-newsletter (, one of the largest daily reads in bass fishing among independent media. For more information go to