Megabass’ Vision 110 Magnum suspending bait

What is it?

Megabass’ new Vision 110 Magnum (SP).

What does it do?

It’s a jerkbait that’s been beefed up to be a more appealing offering where there may be bigger bass or bigger forage. The (SP) means that it’s a suspending bait (more on this later).

Why do I need it?

Oftentimes, bass don’t move too much in cold water. They suspend and hang out until they regain their spunk in the spring. This bait is the ideal offering for those late winter/early spring bass that are still sluggish but hungry.

How do I use it?

This is debatable, but a widely accepted method is the jerk-jerk-pause retrieve, or some variation of it. Depending on the conditions you’re facing, you may need to make your retrieve faster or slower. Sometimes they want it moving at a nearly steady reel pace, other times you have to endure long pauses. Experimentation is key with jerkbaits. Fluorocarbon in the 10-pound test range is also preferred with a medium-action rod.

What sets it apart?

This bait features Carrozzeira tuning, or a fixed balancer that orients the bait perfectly in the water column. Though the SP is marketed as a suspending bait, Megabass’ web site reports that it sinks 1 foot per second. This turns it into an effective countdown bait that’ll really reach down and touch ‘em when they’re trying to hide.

How much?

MSRP for the Vision 110 Magnum is set at $29.99.

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