Lund’s new 1875 Crossover XS

What is it?

Lund’s new 1875 Crossover XS

What does it do?

It fishes, skis, wakeboards and cruises.

Why do I need it?

If you’re got a wife or kids who like to be on the lake for a reason other than fishing, you’re got your reason(s) right there. It’s a family pleaser that you won’t be embarrassed of.

How do I use it?

That’s up to you, given on who’s in the boat with you. Put up the ski pole and shred waves or drag your kids in a tube, drop the trolling motor and flip a grassline, or put all the seats up, grab a cooler of cold beverages and cruise the bays.

What sets it apart?

The biggest thing is that it does all of the above mentioned things well, unlike other crossovers. It’s got built-in storage for skies, wakeboads, rods, bait, a ski pole and other “necessary” gear you may have. A 115-horse Mercury is standard, but you can hang a 175 on it for some extra motivation.

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