Line Rite’s easy line and rod markers

What is it?

Line Rite’s line and rod markers.

What does it do?

They are handy little decals, labels, or whatever you want to call them that quickly and clearly identify boxes in your tackle storage and the line on a particular rod.

Why do I need it?

So you’re not futzing around with different boxes looking for a Zara Spook when a school of 5-pound largemouth decide to school 30 feet in front of your boat.

How do I use it?

Peel then stick! If you have difficulty using stickers, you’ve got bigger problems than remembering what line is on a particular rod or what baits are in a certain box.

What sets it apart?

There are various bait and line denominations. For example, the “40B” would go on a rod that’s spooled with 40-pound braid, while the “10M” goes on a rod that has 10-pound monofilament on it. “F” is for fluorocarbon, naturally.

How much?

$4.69 per sheet.

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