Kanzen features ultra-thin strands

What is it?

Seaguar Kanzen, a new braid. “Kanzen” means infinity in Japanese.

What does it do?

It’s a braid, so it deals with heavy cover, thick vegetation and stout rods just fine. In lighter tests, it works well on spinning gear. Kanzen is designed to work very well with Seaguar’s leader material.

Why do I need it?

Seaguar says that Kanzen is very smooth, has high knot strength, abrasion resistance and a small diameter.

How do I use it?

Since it’s available in weights ranging from 8- to 200-pound test, you could use the lighter weights to throw weightless soft plastics on spinning gear with a fluorocarbon leader (Seaguar’s got you covered there, too), or you could flip into the thickest mats with the heaviest weights.

What sets it apart?

Seaguar says that Kanzen is made with ultra-thin strands which reportedly make for exceptionally smooth casting and a high degree of abrasion resistance. Plus, it’s available in either green or white.

How much?

A 150-yard spool of 8-pound test goes for $17.00, while a 150-yard spool of 80-pound-test goes for $44.00. A 300-yard spool of 8-pound test goes for $33.00, while a 300-yard spool of 100-pound test goes for $94.00. Everything else falls in the middle.

For more information:

Seaguar.com; 212-867-7040

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