Hot Product Press: Zoom Z-Craw

What is it?

Zoom Z-Craw

What does it do?

In short, everything! This might be the most versatile soft plastic you’ve ever laid eyes on.

How do I use it?

Sure, it’s got “craw” in its name, but the Z-Craw’s versatility is truly amazing. It’s a killer jig trailer, it’s a great punch bait, if you rig it on its side on a jighead, it’s a bream or shad swimbait depending on the color you choose. I’ve personally seen Gerald Swindle — the designer of the Z-Craw — use it like a topwater toad and smash a 5-pounder on Toledo Bend. It was nuts. The topwater action is more subtle than a horny toad, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Oh, and in case you didn’t know it, there were untold scads of cash won on the Bassmaster Elite Series on wobble heads (like the Gene Larew Biffle HardHead) last year, and that’s not a presentation that’s going away any time soon. Guys are still learning just how versatile those things can be. This is dynamite on a wobble head (or swing jig, whatever you want to call it).

What sets it apart?

Starting from the back, the cupped pincers grab a lot of water and give a great fluttering/kicking action in moving presentations. As a trailer or stand-alone Texas rig, it’s a great-looking craw with the pincers. When you flip it into heavy cover, Swindle wanted a bait that wouldn’t twist your line and that would also offer a great hookup ratio. That’s why there are hook slots on both sides of it. If one side of the bait gets used up, just flip it over and get back into action. The ribs, as you might notice, are designed so that they offer maximum resistance in the water. This adds to its fish-calling appeal because they move more water than traditional ribs.

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