Hot Product Press: Winn Rod Grips

What is it?

Winn grips are “high tech” rod grips consisting of a “Outer Layer” of WinnDry polymer over an underlisting of High Density EVA. The patented polymer material retains its tacky feel in rain, snow, sleet and temperature extremes. They are currently used and endorsed by Bassmaster Elite Series pros Russ Lane and Brandon Lester. Winn grips were developed by Dr. Ben Huang, sports grip specialist, mathematics wizard and aerospace scientist who worked under Dr. Wernher Von Braun in the development of the Saturn V rocket that took American astronauts to the moon.

Winn’s new modular grip system offers Straight Taper, Curve Taper and Elliptical Grips, along with coordinated Winding Checks and Butt Caps to match or replace almost any cork or EVA grip used in bass fishing and other rod applications. The stylish multi-textured grips come in four basic colors: natural, black, blue and green.

Winn Grips Superior Rod Wrap is a versatile tape made of WinnDry polymer that can be wrapped over existing rod grips or used to create original grips to deliver Winn grip benefits.

What does it do?

The advanced WinnDry polymer, with its non-slip and all-weather properties, improves angler control and enhances casting distance and accuracy. Winn grips offer ergonomic benefits, too, as they reduce hand and arm fatigue, diminishing chances of joint inflammation and stress-related injury to muscles and connective tissue. Winn’s colorful grip options allow tournament, team and club anglers, as well as tackle manufacturers, to match and highlight signature colors of jerseys and boat wraps.

How do I use it?

Custom rod builders or Winn Service Center affiliates can replace existing cork or EVA grips or build new rods with Winn grips. Anglers can replace split grips and rear grips themselves with the use of readily available tools and either conventional grip installation methods or a simple double-sided adhesive tape and mineral spirits. Rod builders can create unique rod designs around Winn’s handsome grips while delivering unprecedented performance benefits. Winn Grips Superior Rod Wrap offers a quick and convenient way to add the unique tactile qualities of Winn “skin” to existing rod grips, including hard-to-replace fore grips. It can also add Winn comfort and performance benefits to grips of custom size or design.

What sets it apart?

Winn grips bring what Winn founder Dr. Ben Huang calls “the perfect blend of function and fashion” to both new rods and current rods in the angler’s arsenal. By retrofitting with Winn grips, bass anglers can put new life into old rods and often give them better functional characteristics than they offered at initial purchase. The modular Winn grip system and wide range of sizes and colors enables one-for-one replacement for most split grip and rear grip configurations.

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