VMC Rugby Jig

What is it?

VMC’s Rugby Jig, a Mike Iaconelli approved jighead for soft plastics.

What does it do?

It’s a combination of a football head and shaky head. It’s available in lighter weights for a jighead that excels around rocks, or heavier weights to give a big worm a presentation that’s a little more unusual than the standard Texas rig.

How do I use it?

That’s your call. If you’re using a finesse worm, there’s likely a slow bite and you’re slowly dragging a lightweight jighead it along the bottom, perhaps hopping it every now and then. If you’ve threaded a big worm on it, you’re probably doing the same thing around deep-water structure.

What sets it apart?

Besides the obvious football head, the wide-gap hook’s point is offset, the eye is recessed and it’s made with VMC’s surgically sharp point. It’s available in eight weights from 1/16 ounce, which sports a 2/0 hook; to 3/4 ounce, which boasts a 5-0 hook. Black and green pumpkin head colors are available.

How much?

$5.19 per 3- or 4-pack.

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