Hot Product Press: Triton 22TrX

What is it?

Triton’s newest — and biggest — horse in its stable, the 22TrX.

What does it do?

This is a battleship. It’s big, roomy tournament-ready rig that can eat up large waves with aplomb, but it’s still capable of 70-plus MPH top speeds with a 250-horse outboard. It offers you the best chance to be the best angler you’re capable of being.

How do I use it?

The 22TrX offers an experience that most full-size bass boats do: Once you get in one, you’re not going to want to fish from anything else. Also, if you’re able to handle a high-horsepower rig, piloting this nimble beast should be no problem.

What sets it apart?

Triton’s founder, Earl Bentz, made a name for himself as a boat racer, so subsequently all of Triton’s hulls are designed with an eye toward performance but not at the expense of fishability. When fully loaded, this rig sports the biggest and best graphs, dual shallow-water anchors, and more storage than you’ll ever need. It’s got the best of everything that Triton has to offer and when you kit it out, it can house the best of everything the fishing industry has to offer. Think of this boat — and all manufacturers' top-of-the-line rigs — as the Cadillacs of the lake.

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Along with this 22-foot beast, Triton is releasing a 20-foot TrX that is sure to be a hot seller. In the 20-foot model, you get a completely tournament-ready rig with a 250-horse fire-breathing Merc for less than $50,000. Options include the biggest and best of everyting from electronics to trolling motors to storage and of course, performance.