St. Croix Premier spinning rods

What is it?

St. Croix adds three 7’6” spinning rods to its Premier series.

What does it do?

Longer rods have been the trend of cranking and flipping techniques for the past decade and a half. Now the time has come for the lighter action techniques to join the trend. The question is often “what do I do in order to reach those schooling fish that keep coming up out of casting distance?” or “how do the pros throw their lures so far?” And it is not too uncommon to see an angler switch to a spinning setup to get more distance out of a cast for lightweight lures. But six inches added to the average 7’ spinning rod will sling even further casts plus swing smoother hooksets.

How do I use it?

Adapting to the extra half-foot may have the feel of shooting pool with a toothpick at first but acclimation will be short and worth it. All three of the new 7-6 versions are fast action. Two of three versions are offered in two-piece models varying in medium power to medium-light for more give. The other version is a one-piece medium power.

What sets it apart?

A fishing rod, like a boat, motor, reel, or lure is a tool for a job. Physics would agree a longer lever is sometimes needed for the job. Try loosening rusty bolts without a breaker bar or long handled ratchet. These rods are worthy of completing the job and are made with the same premium quality and affordability that has made the Premier series successful.

How much?

$140 - $150

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