Soul5 Tackle Labs hard bait collection

What is it?

Soul5 Tackle Labs hard bait collection.

What does it do?

From the outset, Soul5 has operated under the direction of a philosophy of giving anglers a quality product with high-end influences for a reasonable price. Besides, you’ve got to fish where the fish are, and if you’re worried about losing your $20 plug you’re less likely to throw it in gnarly stuff.

How do I use it?

There’s a squarebill, a jerkbait, a wake bait and a walking topwater, but a deep diver is in the works. Soul5 has refined these styles of hard bait to give the angler lifelike lure.

What sets it apart?

The melding of quality craftsmanship and reasonable price is something that many tackle manufacturers strive for, but all too often come up short. The proverbial cake you can have but not eat comes to mind.

How much?

$6.99 - $7.99

Rovermax LR 110

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