Hot Product Press: Shimano Curado I

What is it?

The latest incarnation of Shimano’s most ubiquitous baitcaster, the Curado I.

What does it do?

These reels come standard with the legendary reliability and angler-friendly features that have endeared the Curado to thousands of fishermen, but this generation gives anglers even more in terms or features and benefits.

How do I use it?

Choose one of the five new models — the Curado CU200PG, CU200, CU200HG, and left-hand retrieve CU201 and 201HG — that fits your style of fishing best and get to work. The 200PG has a slower 5.5:1 gear ratio, the 200 and 201 have a 6.3:1 ratio, and the 200HG and 201HG have a fast 7.2:1 gear ratio.

What sets it apart?

These reels have technology that no other reel — Curado or otherwise — can offer: the company’s revolutionary X-Ship frame, SVS Infinity Brake System and S3D Stable Spool Design. When combined into one package, these features offer anglers performance not found on reels in this price range, much less many reels in the market. The SVS Infinity Brake System relies on inner friction to provide constant braking force, so you don’t get any unexpected backlashes or jerky casts. Plus, you don’t have to open the sideplate anymore to adjust the brake. The S3D Stable Spool Design makes casts and retrieves butter smooth thanks to greatly reduced spool vibration within the reel. And X-Ship is what will allow you to will these reels to your grandkids. The pinion gear is supported on both ends with bearings, which keeps it in precise alignment with the drive gear. In other words, the parts that break on most reels won’t break on your Curado I. You can feel X-Ship at work as soon as you turn the handle: The level of smoothness is just about unparalleled. Plus, these bearings allow you to throw featherweight baits easier. All five Curado I reels handle from 190 yards of 30-pound test to 80 yards of 65-pound PowerPro braid or up to 110 yards of 14-pound monofilament.

How much?


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