Hot Product Press: Raymarine a9

What is it?

One of Raymarine’s newest units, the a9, a 9-inch touchscreen marvel of marine electronics. It’s an addition to the a series, which also includes the a12, a 12-inch touchscreen unit and an a5 and a7.

What does it do?

It creates magic on your boat by showing you a superclear picture of the bottom, thanks to the rapid-pinging CHIRP and Downscan images. Plus, you can splitscreen ion a variety of ways to show a traditional graph with mapping.

How do I use it?

Basically, you use it just like you do your cell phone. In other words, Raymarine’s LightHouse II operating system allows you to pinch-to-zoom and swipe left, right, up and down, just like your smartphone. It’s like having a mapping and graphing tablet right in your dash.

What sets it apart?

Raymarine delved into the a series looking to make a graph that is as easy to use as possible by being highly intuitive, while housing the company’s best technology. In other words, the menus are as user-friendly as anything on the market and with a main menu that looks like all the functions are apps, so you’ll feel right at home if you’re a smartphone user. Plus, the units are saltwater grade, so they’re extremely durable.

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