Hot Product Press: Paycheck Baits Nose Job

What is it?

Paycheck Baits’ Nose Job, a brilliantly simple piece of terminal tackle. The name is remarkably fitting, seeing as how Paycheck is based in plastic surgery's homeland, sunny - and often funny - California.

What does it do?

It gives your soft plastic moving baits an incredible hunting, darting action. Flukes, Swimmin’ Flukes, Skinny Dippers and even small swimbaits are ripe for a Nose Job.

How do I use it?

Thread a small (1/4- or 3/16-ounce) weight onto fluorocarbon line then slide the Nose Job on with the concave part pointing forward (the “in” part of the dish goes through the line first). Then tie your hook on with your bait of choice. Pictured is a Zoom Swimmin’ Fluke. When you’re all rigged up, toss your bait to the side of the boat and find at which speed the action is most pronounced. Then begin fishing in earnest.

What sets it apart?

Well, have you ever seen anything like this? Didn’t think so. They really do impart a cool action to your soft plastics, provided you’re not using too heavy of a weight, which can kill the action.

How much? has a 4-pack for $5.19.

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