Hot Product Press: Old School Baits

What is it?

As the name implies, Old School Baits bring back the action, look and fish-catching ability that the balsa precursors to the modern hard bait had — and still have.

What does it do?

Remember the Bagley Honey B? How about the Cordell Big O or the original Smithwick’s Devil Horse? Old School Baits offer everything that these balsa beauties did, and they do it at a reasonable price point. To get those classic lures, you’d have to hit up eBay and pay through the nose, and the thing might not even be in that great of condition.

How do I use it?

A balsa bait offers a degree of subtlety and a different sound as they come through the water, especially the crankbaits. Although they lack rattles, balsa baits make a clicking sound as the hooks bang off the body that’s different from a rattleless plastic bait.

What sets it apart?

Each of these lures is hand-made here in the USA, and every one is a proven design with action on par with the storied balsa plugs. Plus, they’re a bargain for a hand-made bait.

How much?

Starting at $9.99

For more information:  They’re also available at Tackle Warehouse.

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