Hot Product Press: Missile Baits D-Stroyer

What is it?

Missile Baits’ newest shape, the D-Stroyer. They will be in Dick's Sporting Goods stores and online retailers next month.

What does it do?

It combines one of the most popular soft plastic shapes — the beaver-style flipping bait — and adds extra appendages for more fish-attracting power. These assets lend the D-Stroyer a high degree of versatility.

How do I use it?

Most creature baits are Texas rigged to be either punched, dragged or swam. Regardless of what you choose to do with the D-Stroyer, its creator, Elite Series pro and Missile Baits owner John Crews says that the appendages don’t quit.

What sets it apart?

The finely ribbed, beaver-style body is designed to create lots of waves underwater while also offering a very high hookup ratio. The two long appendages on the end undulate like Missile’s Tomahawk worm while the beefy body offer big fish a bigger meal.

How much?


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