Hot Product Press: Megabass STW S-Crank 1.5 and S-Crank Jr.

What is it?

The S-Crank 1.5 and S-Crank Jr. square bills from Megabass’ newest batch of hard baits, the STW line.

What does it do?

Megabass designed the STW (Support To Win) line with one purpose in mind: to give the company’s pro staffers the best gear to give them the best chance to win tournaments at fishing’s highest level: the Bassmaster Elite Series. They debuted at the 2015 GEICO Bassmaster Classic. They have a unique slalom action that stays true even at high speeds, so it won’t roll over on you. The wide bill gives it a hard-hitting wobble. The S-Crank Jr. is a more compact package ideal for more pressured waters.

How do I use it?

This square bill was designed to be a power fisherman’s delight. It’s got great castability and deflects off of cover well, thanks to its wide bill and buoyancy. In case you didn’t know, the reason square bills work so well around brush and other snaggy cover due in part to their wide, square bills that hide the hooks, but mainly because of their high degree of buoyancy. If you feel the bait getting into trouble, just give it some slack and more times than not it’ll “back up” out of the problem as it floats upward.

What sets it apart?

This whole line draws on input from Edwin Evers, Chris Zaldain, Luke Clausen and more, so it’s got the credentials to be a winner. The final design wasn’t agreed upon until two years of tweaking satisfied these pros. The colors were also hand-picked by the team to be effective year-round and in any water clarity.

How much?

$18.99 - $19.99

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