Megabass Pony Gabot

What is it?

Megabass’ newest topwater, the Pony Gabot frog.

What does it do?

Scurries across matted grass, walks and pops in open water and generally calls fish to it with its unique mouth and walking action.

How do I use it?

Like any topwater frog, you can walk it, splash it or chug it. This one is supposed to garner more bites through a slew of characteristics lacking on every other topwater frog.

What sets it apart?

Megabass spent two years developing a topwater frog that not only had a solid, consistent splashing sound, but also had a mild pop. These two characteristics are said to make the Pony Gabot one of the most realistic topwater frogs on the market, and also make it easier for bass to locate under thick matted grass. Also, the “Catamaran Mouth” allows for pinpoint turns and walking action, transmits sound underwater and creates lifelike frog swimming sounds.

How much?


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