Hot Product Press: LRI flashlights

What is it?

LRI’s pair of angler-friendly flashlights, the Proton and Photon Micro-Light.

What does it do?

These flashlights will save you time and time again from having to grope around in the pre-dawn dark either in your boat, your truck or anywhere, really.

How do I use it?

The Photon Micro-Light is activated by simply squeezing the thumb-sized light and gives off 4.5 lumens, which is more than enough to find something in or around your boat. It’s IPX-7 rated waterproof, has a lifetime warranty and has a run life of 18 hours. Eight colors are available. The larger light, the Proton Pro, has 125+ lumens, is also waterproof, has a lifetime warranty and runs on AA batteries. When manipulated correctly, it can even signal “SOS” in proper sequence. It also comes with a handy sheath.

What sets it apart?

These are economical, user-friendly and wildly handy lights.

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