Lowrance Elite-4 and Mark-4 electronics

What is it?

Lowrance Elite-4 and Mark-4 HDI Series electronics are updates from earlier models with bigger displays containing more pixels and more useable screen area.

What does it do?

Offered in fishfinder-only, chartplotter-only (HD) and fishfinder/chartplotter combo models that help find the fish, the structure they are relating to, and water column they are in. The Downscan Imaging shows a picture-like view of the structure you are fishing. Downscan Overlay feature combines the Downscan images with the recording of how the fish are positioned. This will help anglers decipher the pile of fish from the pile of structure they are relating to.

How do I use it?

Fish more and press fewer buttons. More time spent pressing buttons means less time casting and winding. With top-of-the-line sonar and navigation features it’s easy to find the high percentage fishing spots, by simply idling over them to check for fish. If fish are present, mark the arches, which are the fish, and get to work.

What sets it apart?

A neat feature is Exclusive TrackBackthat practically lets an angler scroll backwards through sonar history. This is a time saver because instead of idling back and forth to see a previous image, the boat can stay in the same place and the image can reappear by the touch of a button. On the chartplotter models it becomes even easier because instead of getting a glimpse of the recorded image, an angler can plug a waypoint on the location, stop the big motor and begin fishing.

How much?

Elite-4 HDI models range in price from $149 to $469, and the Mark-4 HDI fishfinder/chartplotter can be purchased for as low as $179 without a transducer, to $329 for the Mark HDI fishfinder/chartplotter with a 50/200 kHz transducer.

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