Little Creeper baits

What is it?

Little Creeper Bait Co. soft plastic swimbaits.

What does it do?

These baits have accounted for untold tens of thousands of dollars in tournament wins and high finishes, but few have heard of them outside of the West Coast. Skeet Reese is one of many Elite Series anglers who have uses Little Creeper baits with great success across the U.S. There’s even a new Berkley swimbait modeled after Little Creeper’s flagship swimbait, the Trash Fish. Owner Benno Huene or a buddy of his makes each and every Little Creeper swimbait, ensuring that each is up to the pair’s exacting and precise standards. The Trash Fish is Little Creeper’s best-known bait, but the Jumbo Minnow, Garbage Minnow and a new bluegill are also available. Nevermind their trashy sounding names, these are all top-notch swimbaits.

How do I use it?

Little Creeper Jumbo MinnowOn every package of baits, Huene has included instructions for the best rigging method that gives that particular bait the best action and highest hookup percentage. Often it’s a weighted Owner Beast twistlock hook that gets the nod. A jighead works well, too, on select applications.

What sets it apart?

These baits are all hand-poured by Huene and a buddy/employee. Plus, each package of baits ships with a piece of molded clay that keeps the shape of the tail intact and in proper form for the best action. Huene settled on his color selection based on how the target species (shad, bluegill, hitch etc.) looks underwater. Check out Little Creeper’s website to see the action of each bait. You can buy them at Tackle Warehouse.

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