LifeProof iPhone 5c case

What is it?

LifeProof’s iPhone 5c case. As the name implies, this sucker is built for rough use.

What does it do?

Keeps your iPhone 5c safe from water, drops, ice, snow and everything just shy of Armageddon.

How do I use it?

Simply snap the two halves on your phone then rest assured that it’s protected from whatever you can throw at it. Or whatever you throw it at, if you have a temper. It’s really the phone case you’ve been waiting for. However, if you drop it overboard and it’s in its case, it's still a lost phone. Consider the LifeJacket that fits over the LifeProof case and keeps your phone afloat If dropped into the lake.

What sets it apart?

Before it’s packaged up and shipped off to a retail outlet, each and every LifeProof case is tested for leaks. The nuud model allows you to touch the actual phone’s screen while still being waterproof. The frē model has an ultrathin scratch protector that’s barely perceivable. The back on both cases is clear, allowing the color you chose to shine through.

How much?

$79.99 - $89.99

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