Jackson Kayak Kilroy

What is it?

Jackson Kayak’s newest fishing ‘yak, the Kilroy.

What does it do?

Lets you slip into small waters or fish big waters stealthily.

How do I use it?

Load it up, dip it in and get paddling. Or trolling, as there are several motors that can be easier mounted on a kayak.

What sets it apart?

The Kilroy was designed with an eye toward fishability and features. In other words, the designers at Jackson wanted anglers to feel like they were sitting in the Cadillac of fishing ‘yaks. It’s 12 feet, 4 inches long, 31 inches wide and weighs a scant 69 pounds with seat (64 without). It’ll hold 375 pounds of you and your gear. It’s also built sturdy enough for anyone to stand and fish.

How much?


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