Jackall Spade Jig

What is it?

One of Jackall’s newest hardbaits, the Spade Jig.

What does it do?

Sure, it looks like your average jig — weedguard, skirt, weighted head — but this critter has some serious thought put into it.

How do I use it?

Versatility is part of the beauty of this jig. The head is designed in such a way that the lighter weights excel at swimming; just hang a twin-tail grub or smallish swimbait on the back of it. Or, the Spade Jig can pull duty as a craw-imitator with a chunk or craw on the back. The stout weedguard and pointed head allow the Spade Jig to sip in and out of cover with ease in the form of a light-duty flipping bait.

What sets it apart?

The all-tungsten head and the crinkly skirt make for a unique combination. The skirt is wrinkled to provide non-stop action and the looks of the legs of bass’ favorite crustacean, the crawfish. The hand-tied skirt is also durable the burly hook spells trouble for any bass that thinks about biting this jig. Also, the head design keeps the bait "standing" when worked along the bottom, further selling the crawfish look. Pair it with a Jackall Darts Hog for best results.

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