Humminbird Ion and Onix

What is it?

Humminbird’s newest sonar/GPS units, Onix and Ion.

What does it do?

These are complete departures from the “97” series of units like the 897, 997 and 1197. Though they have a lot of the same technology and capabilities (360 Imaging, Side Imaging etc.), everything from the shell to the interface has been redesigned.

How do I use it?

User interface is one of the selling points of the Onix and Ion units. These feature both a touchscreen and traditional controls on the side of the screen, so when you’re riding in rough water you’re not stabbing all over the screen; you can use the dial and buttons. Further, the menus are laid out a lot like your smartphone. There are easy-to-understand icons for different functions and it’s easier than ever to toggle between menus and displays.

What sets it apart?

Besides available 360, Side and Down Imaging, these units offer Trifuel, which offers unparalleled access to different mapping software such as Navionics, C-MAP and Humminbird charts. These built-in maps give a richer and more detailed look at the lake. Onix is available in 8- and 10-inch units, while Ion can be had in 10- and 12-inch models. Both can offer your boat a sure enough autopilot system when you’ve got a GPS-integrated Minn Kota trolling motor like Riptide and iPilot Link. Set a course on your graph, drop the motor and hit go. Ion units of pinch-to-zoom functions as well as multi-touch functions, i.e., swiping two fingers down the screen to access other menus. Ion also has a wireless internet browser built it so you can monitor the weather or simply surf the web.

How much?

$1,999.99 - $2,999.99

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