FoodSaver's GameSaver Bronze

What is it?

FoodSaver’s GameSaver Bronze, a vacuum sealer for food, valuables, or anything that needs to stay dry or fresh for an extended period of time.

What does it do?

It seals things in vacuum bags for a multitude of reasons. Obviously, you can vacuum seal fish, venison or any other meat of which you have a surplus and want to save for later. Or, if you’re going camping, hunting or fishing in inclement weather, stick your keys, wallet and phone in a bag and seal it. You won’t find a Ziploc bag that seals this good. Think of it as a laminator for the outdoorsman.

How do I use it?

Pick the size bag you want/need, thread the end into the vacuum slot then hit the button and let the FoodSaver work its magic.

What sets it apart?

The fancy Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity is the obvious stand apart, but it’s also got a built-in roll storage compartment for easy implementation, even with dirty hands. Other features include a drip tray, an accessory hose port for when you’ve got no power, touchpad controls and an easy-lock latch. With the FoodSaver Bronze, you’ll also get a nice complement of bags that should last you a whole season of fishing and hunting.

How much?


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