Hot Product Press: Bondy Perch

What is it?

The Bondy Perch.

What does it do?

It’s a drop shot bait that’s more versatile than its name implies.

How do I use it?

Yes, we know it looks upside-down in the picture, but it’s not. It’s supposed to mimic a perch, remember? However, if you rig it upside down (so it looks “right”) it becomes a shad imitator.

What sets it apart?

This bait was designed by former Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jon Bondy, a native of Canada. Bondy guides for bass, walleye, Pike and musky, so as you can imagine, he knows what smallies like to chew. He designed this lure out of a need for a perch look-a-like drop shot bait. There are goby and shad imitators galore, but nothing that really looks like a perch. So, here you have it. Kinda cool, eh?

How much?

$5.50 per 10 pack.

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