Gear Review: Strike King Bull Worm

What is it?

Strike King Bull Worm

What sets it apart?

While most “big worms” rely on a wavy backside for attention, the Bull Worm is 8 inches of full-figured “look at me, baby.” Impressively, this really isn’t even a true big worm — the original 10-inch model handles that role. This one’s more of a ‘tweener that fills a void between those small to midsize worms and the titans of summer offshore fame.

An ample front end with broad ridges transitions past the egg sack into a tapering body with tighter ridges and a bulbous tail that provides lots of thump.

How do I use it?

Designed by four-time Bassmaster Classic winner Kevin VanDam, the Bull worm fits a variety of applications from ledge dragging to brush pile probing. Power-shotting makes a lot of sense, too. Infused with coffee scent and salt to encourage fish to hold on longer, the 8-inch Bull Worm comes in 15 well-established colors, including a few that utilize Strike King’s new Open Pour Technology. OPT combines three colors for a laminate finish enhanced by a flat bottom for maximum action.

How much?


More Information:

Strike King Bull Worm 

Angler’s insight:

As KVD pointed out, there are times when a big ribbontail worm fits the day’s needs, but the savvy angler will keep different looks handy for the big plastic duty. His three favorite applications: 1. Texas rigged with a light weight for pitching to shallow targets. 2. Big shaky head for hopping along deep rocks, bluff ends, etc. 3. Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head for a cast-and-drag presentation that rumbles along with an active swinging motion.