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Gear Review: Steelshad Mini and College Series

What is it?

Steelshad Mini & College Series

What sets it apart?

Steelshad expands its popular blade bait lineup with a new Mini size to imitate small baitfish. Weighing 1/4-ounce, the stainless steel bait features a 1 3/4-inch blade and two No. 12 VMC hooks. Color options include Silver, Gold, Sexy Shad, White Shad and Yellow Shad. With two position options for the dorsal split ring, the Mini SteelShad puts off intense vibration no matter which placement you choose.

How do I use it?

Steelshad also introduced a new College Series for its original 3/8-ounce blade bait. The officially licensed lineup uses the colors and logos of Clemson University, the University of Alabama, the University of Tennessee and Auburn University. For those morning outings on game day, to offseason outings, show your school pride with a bona fide fish getter. Don’t fret if you’re not into any of these teams; SteelShad notes its intent to expand the list of colleges and universities for 2019.

How much?

Mini $9.99 (2-pack);

College Series $24.99 (3-pack)

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Angler’s insight:

This smaller profile should prove deadly in several scenarios from the fall feeding frenzy, when its long-cast design helps you reach distant fish, to yo-yoing over the tops of standing timber, to probing bridge pilings or deep dock stalls with a pendulum fall.

The Steelshad also fits the cranking technique, so don’t hesitate to wind it at a peppy pace; probably a productive option for staging prespawners looking to pack on the calories. Notably, bending the bait right or left makes it swim on its side for an enticing shallow water presentation.