Gear Review: SPRO Little John

What is it?

SPRO Little John

What sets it apart?

The Little John 50 was designed by B.A.S.S Elite Series angler John Crews. The Little John  has a durable computer chip bill, a silent weight transfer system using soft tungsten translates into long casts for a tiny crankbait. Razor sharp trebles made by Gamakatsu. The Little John crankbaits come in an array of fish-catching colors including two new colors- Matte Shad and Real Pirch. 

How do I use it?

Just like any shallow crankbait, when you are targeting bass up shallow around cover, you need something strong enough to take deflections off of hard cover. With a variety of colors to match the flavor of the day in your lake, The Little John is a small, angry-looking little crankbait that will fill that role quite nicely. The Little John has a slight wobble to it, if you’d like more SPRO also makes the “Fat John” that wobbles 3-4 inches side-to-side. 

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Normally this is where we talk about our own experience with the bait, but John Crews had some interesting words about the two new colors for these baits. 

The colors offered in the Little John and Fat John line are ones Crews recognized over the last dozen years on the tournament trail as being go-to colors. “I saw a need for a realistic perch color,” shared Crews. “Up north, smallmouths feed on a lot of yellow perch. We decided to offer those in the MD 50 and DD 60 series because they’re extremely productive smallmouth baits.”

“The new Homemade Shad color has a silver scale/shad pattern that is incredibly realistic. The color will be offered in the Little John 50, a shallow-diver that catches fish wherever they’re keying on shad. The other two colors are some of the best in the SPRO jerkbait line, so we decided to start producing the same colors in the deep-diving Little John XL 70 series.” states Crews.