Gear Review: Slumberjack Roughhouse

What is it?

Slumberjack Roughhouse 6-Person Tent

What sets it apart?

This wide tent probably won’t sleep six, but a couple of friends and a lot of fishing tackle fit great in it. They make a 4-Person version, but the 6-Person size allows for a whole pile of rods and reels to sleep right next to you. 

How do I use it?

You bring along the included 22 pound duffel bag and set it up. It didn’t take too long for me to set it up, but I’d suggest a practice run in the backyard before heading out to the woods with it. 

How much?


More Information:

Slumberjack Roughhouse

Angler’s insight:

If you are looking for a simple, functional tent to combine some overnight camping and fishing, this is a good bet. Includes a “front porch” that makes it feel even larger. At 6’3″ I wished it was a little taller, but the tent has a low profile to fight the wind and be sturdy as possible. Hard to argue with that. The materials seem strong and the interior walls, which are mesh, did a great job keeping out critters while letting air in.