Gear Review: Popstar Mossy Oak

What is it?

Popstar NYDEF featuring Mossy Oak

What sets it apart?

Sunglasses are a necessity on the water and these feature a very cool Micro-Rail system that allows them to be folded down into the very compact carrying case. Perfect for throwing in a tackle bag or boat console, these glasses also look pretty good with Mossy Oak camo pattern. 

How do I use it?

Other than the unique folding system, these glasses will do what great lenses do- allow you to see through reflection and keep the sun’s harmful rays out of your eyes. You’ll also be seeing a little bit clearer with NYDEF lenses which are made by Carl Zeiss Vision.

How much?


More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Once you’ve had quality sunglasses, it’s hard to go back to the ones in the drug store unless you have to. Popticals makes a quality product that stands out with it’s abiliity to fold into the included hard case that’s pretty great to have ready to go for a quick jaunt out to the water. The Mossy Oak pattern looks great, and there are tons more options from Popticals if you want another lens or frame color.