Gear Review: iLive TWS

What is it?

iLive TWS wireless earbuds

What sets it apart?

First of all, you may be curious as to why we are reviewing headphones. Do you like listening to music or podcasts while you fish? Have you ever launched a pair of wired headphones into the water, yanking them from your ears and almost even sending your phone directly into the lake with an epic cast? Let’s just say the author of this review has, and started to look into having a wireless option when fishing. 

How do I use it?

Pretty simple. You can pair it with your phone and play music and even take conference calls when you are supposed to be working working outside of the office that day. There are three different sized earbuds so that if you struggle with one-size-fits-all earbuds staying in your ears, you have some options. Also they are waterproof! Which is something you can’t say about a lot of products in this category. The ear hooks thankfull come with a dark black version instead of the one pictured above, and with Bluetooth 5.0 it pretty much works as good as the most expensive competition. 

How much?

$79.95 (But often cheaper on Amazon)

More Information:

iLive’s site

Angler’s insight:

If you are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on earbuds, iLive makes some pretty great products for the money. These headphones are no different. They’ve held up through a few fishing trips and the battery life gets you through a day. Everyone enjoys the sounds of nature but a soundtrack on top of that is not bad either.